I have mixed feelings about this

Today is the last day of self-quarantine before the kids get to spend some time with their mom. Assuming all goes well today, the boys will spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning with their mom and grandparents.

I have mixed feelings about this and I wouldn’t be honest if I said otherwise..

I’ve kept the kids safe for 74 days and the idea of changing what we’re doing right now is scary. I’m thrilled they get to spend time with their mom. I thrilled for them and her because I know how important this is.

I worry because we have no idea when the next time will be and it’s going to be great while they’re there but very difficult when it’s time to leave. I’m really hoping the kids will adjust quickly because if not, lockdown is going to be much harder.

Removing those concerns or at least setting them aside, I really am excited for all of them.

I appreciate that everyone in her house was willing to lockdown for 14 days to help ensure we can safely do this. I’m hoping this will be possible again as we move forward but I suspect it will be a little while.

This is not easy for me to do right now but assuming everyone’s played their part, it should be just about as safe as we can possibly make it. I’m just nervous letting go in our current situation, that’s all. It’s not a reflection on Lizze and it has nothing to do with me not wanting them to see each other.

I know they’re going to be fine but I worry regardless.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Why are you unsure when they will be able to see her again? Is she an essential worker unable to quarantine?


I thought lizze’s parents were compromised? If that’s the case why aren’t they locked down? I’m confused.


I hope you can use the time they are gone to decompress. Rest, exercise, and read or watch good things.

I was discussing with my husband about a project I theoretically want to do, but don’t have the energy for it yet. Bob helped me clarify that I needed to keep focusing on my health and build up a little more strength. (The project is related to getting a job.) We can get by for now without me working or the related stuff, and Bob has 2 stents in his heart. So for us staying home as much as possible is good. Jacob works but showers when he comes home and his clothes go into the wash. Our 5 county area has a very low death count and known infection rate. (I am not counting on that lasting forever, though.)

Hopefully, Rob, all of you, all of us, will come through this. I hope you have a hobby or 2 that you can participate in for just fun. I’m a dedicated book reader, and I play musical instruments and also listen to music. (I also sing, I have a nice voice but just sing for myself.) If I lived near you all I’d offer to teach your sons how to play music. I guess being the “Mother of cats” is also my hobby…all our cats were strays or from the shelter. With 5, our house is pretty much full!

So, sending you all good thoughts and hugs!