Today’s been full of parenting challenges

Today’s been full of parenting challenges

It’s been kind of a busy day here. Gavin had an appointment this morning that we never worked out. We waited so long that we got bumped to the nurse practitioner and didn’t get to see the doctor. 

There are just sometimes you have to roll with the punches as a parent. Bigger fish to fry and all that stuff.. 

I really struggled with Elliott today because he was just so far over the edge that I just couldn’t get him back. We had brief moments of calm between the meltdowns but he really had a rough day. 

The evening was the high point of the day and not just because it brought about bedtime.. Lol

I made arrangements for the boys, myself and Maggie to meet my Mom at the park after dinner. We went for a 2 mile walk through Ink Park. Emmett walked Maggie for most of the way. The last half mile or so, Emmett sat on my shoulders and I walked Maggie. 💪


This was a great deal of fun and even Elliott enjoyed himself, for the most part anyway. My Mom treated us to a gallon of homemade root beer from a local stand after the end of our walk and we retuned home. 

I took a ton of pictures that I’ll eventually get up on Instagram but probably not tonight. 😴

Anyway, trying to find some sort of balance between meeting each of the boys needs is exhausting, especially when those needs are special in nature. 


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