It was decided by all involved to keep Emmett home from school yesterday and today. We have documentation and the school is aware of everything that’s going on. They’ve been very supportive and I can’t say how appreciative of that I am.

Emmett is not in a good place emotionally and his meds were updated Wednesday, which is part of the reason for staying home. He’s still doing his class work and the goal is to return on Monday, with a new support plan in place at school. Again, they’ve been so supportive throughout this whole thing.

It was a really rough night because Emmett had nightmares all night long. He didn’t sleep well and I was up with him on and off all night long.

It took some doing to get myself moving this morning but I’m feeling pretty good at the moment.

Gavin’s IVIG Infusion is already done and I have 2 work related meetings this morning and then I’m done for the most part. I have to finish today’s podcast episode and get it published. Like I said, I’ve been consumed with some of these challenges my kids are dealing with right now and I fell a bit behind.

My goal is to publish either today or tomorrow at the latest. I have more interviews scheduled for next week and I don’t want to get any further behind.

I also need to work on some of the logistics for the Florida trip. These guys are really looking forward to it. I need to setup boarding for Ruby, make hotel reservations for the way down and back but I also need to put together a reasonable budget for the trip as well. That’s very challenging, especially considering I having a hard time getting any work done because of all that’s going on right now.

Anyway, I’m really hoping to help Emmett feel better sooner than later because he’s so miserable right now and it’s pretty much got him frozen in place. I need to get him moving forward, so he can begin to heal.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)