The boys visit with their Mom was a disaster but it’s not anyone’s fault

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Okay…. As an Autism parent (or any parent), you learn very quickly what sacrifice means. Any sacrifice is well worth it because we love our kids (as does any parent).

I missed my chance for a night off because Emmett was too sick to go visit his Mom.  It’s not his fault and frankly, I had fun with him, even though he was under the weather. That being said, one benefit of the boys visiting their Mom is that I get a break, even if it’s just overnight. 

With Emmett home, that break didn’t happen. 

Emmett had a rough time sleeping last night, as his fever came back and his cough returned.  Sleep was an elusive mistress once again.


We of course, got up early because he couldn’t go back to sleep and I tried to doze off on the couch while he was watching cartoons.  That didn’t work out so well either because before too long, the boys Mom was calling and wanting to send the boys home early. 

She was concerned with Elliott’s cough and I can’t really blame her for that because I am as well. 

To be completely honest, I don’t really remember the conversation in its entirety because I was so tired.  I do know that both Elliott and Gavin were home,  hours before lunch. 

Elliott’s running a low grade fever and Emmett is as well. 

I’m taking them both in to Urgent Care to be evaluated.  Urgent Care is a step down from the Emergency Room and it in place for situations such as this. 

My only concern is getting them looked at, especially Elliott because this has not really improved since Monday or at least has sorta swung back around to being concerning. With him having asthma, I don’t take any chances.

Anyway, I’m not upset at all.  It’s not the boys fault or their Mother’s..  It’s just the nature of the beast and unfortunately, this time that beast demands that I go at least 30 days with a break. 

Truthfully, while that absolutely sucks, I’m well aware that there are so many parents that never get help and never get breaks.  I’ll be really tired but at least I know it’s coming.  So many don’t have the light at the end of the tunnel and my heart truly goes out to them… ❤

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