Give Kids the World (@GKTWVillage): Pictures from Day 3

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I’ve already shared how we stayed close to home (our condo) today. Elliott wasn’t feeling well and we’re trying to balance everything out so the kids don’t implode from overstimulation.

It was kind of a lazy day and I really feel like that was the right decision.

We explored Give Kids the World Village and checked a bunch of things out. We hit the ice cream parlor and visited a few of the other amazing things that GKTW has to offer.

Lizze has made it her mission to photograph all of the fire hydrants because they’re all painted in cute little costumes. I think she got all of them today and they really are super creative. ☺

The boys and I spent some time catching a few of the lizards that are running around everywhere. They’re called Anols and they are literally everywhere. I found one in our pantry last night. lol

They’re super fast but we caught a few and released them as soon as the boys were able to check them out for a bit. I picked up a butterfly net to help in our quest to get a better look at them and it did help. They still get away 99% of the time but it’s still fun trying.

I think we’re going to call it an early night tonight because we are heading to Universal Studios tomorrow after breakfast. Everyone wants to see the Harry Potter stuff. Hopefully the weather will hold out. It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week but it only seems to rain for a few minutes at a time.

Finger crossed… ☺

As promised, here are the pictures from today.

[foogallery id=”66303″]

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