Ways I'm keeping my family safer with my Vivint Smart Home Security System -

Ways I’m keeping my family safer with my Vivint Smart Home Security System

Here’s a list of some of the custom actions I’ve setup for my Smart Home Security system I received from @vivintgivesback.  One of my new favorites is that I can set my living room lamp to turn on when someone walks up onto my front porch and it’s detected by the doorbell camera. I live in a pretty rough neighborhood and it’s not uncommon for people walk through my front yard or approach my front porch.  This can be scary sometimes, especially at night. You can check smart home features and cost at  Vivint Pricing.


Now, if someone is picked up my the doorbell camera, the lamp in the living room will turn on, all by itself.  This let’s me know that someone’s moving around outside and if I’m not at home, it’s a further deterrent…

There are so many things I can do with this system and coming up with custom actions, that meet my specific needs, is both easy and fun.   Read more about my experience here:

The Autism Dad and Vivint Gives Back: Working Together to Keep The Autism Community Safe

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