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Take advantage of the breaks

The boys are with their Grandparents for a little but today. They will be coming home soon, and it’s important that we make the most out of the down time we have. 

There are always a million things that need done around the house, and when the boys are gone, it would be a great time to get caught up. Having said that, I bet many, if not most of the Autism parenting community would agree that the first thing we do when we get a break, is crash. 

Lizze and I are no different. Most of the time, we sleep. We sleep as much as we can, before the boys return. The truth is, we have no idea when the next chance to get a nap will come along. 

When it comes to being an Autism parent, it’s very, very important that you take advantage of any breaks that come your way. These little, and often infrequent breaks, can provide you with the strength, sanity, and energy need to keep fighting the good fight. 

Take advantage of breaks. 

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