The amazing ways @VivintGivesBack can help special needs families 

As you probably already know, I’ve been working with the Vivint Gives Back Foundation for the better part of two years. If you’ve been following our story from the Lost and Tired days, you know that I don’t work with many companies, and that’s by choice.

What makes Vivint Gives Back different, is that they are actually doing things to help special needs families, particularly those who have wandering children.

Vivint Home is a company that specializes in both Smart Home and Security technologies. They have created technology that can help you monitor your kids, and limit their ability to exit the house on their own. You will be notified immediately should your child let themselves out of the house.

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Smart cameras can notify you if your child gets up in the middle of the night and wanders the house. Smart Doorbell cameras can let you see which direction your child went, should they get out of the house without your knowledge.

Aside from the benefits to special needs parents, the system also provides security as well. You can see and verbally communicate with someone at the front door, without them even knowing you’re home. Video clips can be recorded, downloaded and provided to law enforcement if need be.

Doors and windows can be monitored as well.

I should also mention, that everything is wireless, and requires an internet connection. Everything is controlled from your favorite mobile device, desktop browser, or the centralized touch screen panel.

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