I'm excited about today -

I’m excited about today

This week I’m looking to bump my morning walks up by an additional mile or so. I want to be regularly doing close to four miles a morning either on the track or treadmill.

My goal is to get back to five miles a day within a reasonable amount of time.

That’s totally a doable thing for me physically. The main obstacle at this point is a mental one but with some discipline, I should be able to overcome that. ☺

I’m going back to weighing myself on Wednesday’s only, at least for a little while.

All I need to do is loose one pound a week in order to reach my goal within the next year. I’ve mentioned before that I want to lose the weight in a slow, controlled manner. This will give my body time to adjust and make sure the way I’m doing it is sustainable for me.

I’m feeling pretty excited to get started today. ☺

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