The week leading up to our 1st vacation in 20 years

We are counting down the days until we climb into the rental van and make our way to Florida, in order to watch Gavin’s wish come true. It occurred to me that I’ve talked a lot about the preparatory part of this whole thing, but not about what we’re going to do once we’re there.

Full disclosure. I’m not entirely sure how everything is going to go.

I’m assuming that we will be meeting with Wishes Can Happen, prior to leaving. I think that pretty much has to happen. lol

Aside from meeting Wishes Can Happen, we have a few other things that will be happening this week, in regards to this trip.

On Monday, Maggie goes to the vet. She needs caught up on her vaccines for the year, as well as receive one for Kennel Cough. That is required, in order to have her boarded. This isn’t a huge deal because she was due for her shots anyway, it’s just one extra.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we see Dr. Pattie. The focus is going to be on reviewing the rules we established for the trip. Last week, we all sat down together and laid out our expectations in regards to behavior while on the trip.

We focused on the three main categories:

  1. Rules for in the car
  2. Rules for in the hotel and condo
  3. Rules for when we’re in public

Dr. Pattie will be helping us review these guidelines with the boys. We are also going to spend time discussing safety concerns. Safety is our number one priority on the trip.

Thursday is the day we will be picking up the rental van. I’m not sure of an exact time just yet. We will also be taking Maggie to the boarder that afternoon as well. I figured it was best to deal with that prior to leaving on Friday.

Friday depends very much on whether or not one of my paychecks made it eariler in the week. Assuming my check didn’t arrive on time, my other check arrives via direct deposit on the 29th. If we were unable to get all of our shopping done prior, we will be doing that on Friday morning before we leave.

I know that’s cutting things close but I can only do so much. Truthfully, we should have plenty of time, plus we have a very detailed list of everything we need.

After that, we will be on our way.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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