It feels so shitty to make this type of decision

We made the difficult decision to cancel trick or treating today and while it wasn’t popular, it was the right thing to do.

There were several factors that went into making this decision. For starters, it’s 40°F and raining outside. That’s miserable to begin with, but considering two of the three boys are running fevers, Lizze is still really sick and Gavin’s labs aren’t good, we didn’t feel comfortable going.

Emmett was hit the harder because he doesn’t deal with change well and he was really looking forward to going. Gavin didn’t seem to care one way or the other and Elliott was on the same page as Gavin because I don’t think he’s feeling well.

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Lizze and I didn’t know what else to do. All we could do was make the best decision we could, with the information we had available to us.

It sucks having to make these types of decisions, especially knowing the boys will be upset.

I decided to try and make a fun night at home, as to distract them from what they were missing. We had a pizza party and I picked up some candy for them to snack on a bit because it is Halloween after all.

Everyone seems to be mostly over it and for that I’m grateful. I’m sure there will be some fallout in the coming days, especially when it’s talked about at school.

I get that kids don’t come with instructions but kids with Autism and/or serious mental/physical health problems need to come with at least a quick start guide. Noone’s in a better position to make this kind of decision for the boys than Lizze or myself. Regardless of our motives, it still feels shitty to have to do things like this.

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