Here’s what’s stressing me out today

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No one’s life is perfect and I’m certainly claiming mine is worse than yours. I’m simply sharing what is causing me a great deal of stress.

Being an Autism parent is stressful enough on the best of days and unfortunately, there aren’t too many the best of days. Between lack of sleep and the demands of three special needs children, life can feel unfairly challenging.

Ironically though, what tends to stress me out the most are the things that could be considered everyday problems.

Things like dealing with my mortgage company selling the mortgage to another mortgage company how is a nightmare to work with. I’ve been trying to make a payment for two months now and they keep screwing it up. I’ve authorized payment 4 different times in November and the last time, they typed the account numbers wrong. There have been times where I struggle to make my payments but when I’m trying to make my payments on time and I can’t because of incompetency. That stresses me out.

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I just got another collections call from them again today and they were suppose to cash a check yesterday. It can be a bit much, especially when I’m getting foreclosure letters. The company isn’t local so I can hand deliver anything either. The money has been in the back for almost 3 months now. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Poor Maggie. Our 10 or 11 year old English Staffy started to show her age recently. I don’t think she can hear anything anymore. She losing her vision and sense of smell as well. She’s still very active, so you can imagine how that can be difficult to manage.

She’s struggling with this and now all of a sudden, she’s licking everything. She’s licking the floor, the walls, the couch, all of us and anything else she can get her tongue on…

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I’m trying to finish up Christmas preparations but I’ve taken a pretty big financial hit already this month. One of my jobs fell through and that income has been lost. It’s survivable but stressful nonetheless.

There’s just a shit ton of things going on and going wrong. It can feel overwhelming at times and today is one of those times.

Things will get better and I’m sure everything will work out in the end. This is just the reality of my life. Things will probably never be easy but it’s my life and despite the challenges, I’m grateful to have it. All I can do is make the best of what I’ve been blessed with.. ☺