It’s a little gross but this is what happened

It’s a little gross but this is what happened

I can’t believe I’m telling you this but in the spirit sharing, I wanted to explain where I’ve been today, or rather why I haven’t written.

First of all, I’ve been home. ☺

I’ve never mentioned this before because it never occurred to me that it was relavent. The only reason it is now is because it was something causing me significant stress. It’s really stupid but I have/had a sebaceous cyst on my back. It’s smack dab in the middle and right in line with my spine.

It’s small, maybe the size a marble but due where it’s taken up residence, it’s become bothersome.

It’s nothing serious because people get these all the time. My doctor checked it out and it’s nothing to worry about. While that is true, I’ve been stressing out about it because I can feel it every time I sit back and like I said, it’s become bothersome.

My plan was to get into the dermatologist and have it removed but the wait list is unreal.

Like I said, it’s really stupid but it was stressing me out because I couldn’t really see it and that made me feel sorta helpless.

Anyway, and this is where it gets gross, so be warned, the human body has a way of dealing with these kinds of things and mine did today. My cyst decided that it was going to take care of itself but it needed some help. I’m trying not to be too descriptive but that’s making it worse than what it really was.

The bottom line is, it burst and because I can’t treat something on the middle of my back on my own, Lizze had to help.

Lizze has a pretty weak stomach and I wasn’t sure she’d be able to help me clean it out and bandage me up. I’ve been watching YouTube videos about this recently, so I knew what to expect. I highly recommend you don’t look this up on YouTube. lol

Anyway, without going into detail, Lizze took care of the situation and bandaged me up. She did an amazing job and I’m so grateful to her for all her help. She did say something about owing her big time and I suspect that means taking her to lunch or dinner. 😁

I need to keep an eye on it for a few days while it heals. Well, Lizze will have to keep an eye on it for a few days and change the bandage but I know I can count on her. ☺

This is probably more than you ever wanted to know but it’s something that impacts my life and maybe some of you have experienced this before.

I don’t know if it’s gone for good or if it will return but at least I know what to expect and that we can handle it if need be.

My wife is amazing. She faces so many challenges every day and never quits. She totally rose to the occasion in a big way this afternoon and I’m truly grateful. ☺

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