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Gavin’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow but did we get everything worked out?

The first problem was that there were some legal concerns surrounding Gavin’s particular situation and it was unique enough that no one really knew what to do. Gavin turned 18 but is not competent to make his own decisions in regards to anything major like medical related issues. Guardianship is taking longer than expected and therefore we found ourselves in murky water.

That was an obstacle but not the main reason for pulling the plug at the last second.

The main reason actually had to do with concerns over a Gavin’s heart. During his surgical prep and exam, one of the doctors noticed some physical signs that indicated Gavin may have some cardiac and connective tissue problems.

These were already established concerns but they haven’t been followed up on in awhile because there’s been more pressing medical issue with him that have taken priority.

The doctor wanted Gavin to be cleared by Cardiology before proceeding and that’s what really put the brakes on at that point.

Gavin has since been cleared by Cardiology, although we do have some things to worry about and need to be seen in genetics ASAP.

The second hurdle was the legal issues and that has been resolved with a medical power of attorney. I worked with the hospitals legal department to resolve the legal concerns in a way that was best for all involved. It was pretty straight forward but ended up being challenging to finalize because of some other issues that popped up. At the end of the day, it’s done and we’re covered on that end.

Along the way, we had an unexpected problem arise that created chaos and worry.

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Marc Tomor

Man you guys ….you may not sleep but lay it down for a while…might get lucky and sleep…God Bless and keep us posted..


Everything is going to be all right. It sounds like the docs are taking good care of Gavin.

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