Gavin’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow but did we get everything worked out? – Page 3

Gavin’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow but did we get everything worked out?

Gavin’s twice a week IVIG infusions were disrupted by a nationwide shortage in the medication required to perform them. This was a huge problem that took almost a month to resolve.

In that time, Gavin missed almost 6 infusions and that created a potential problem with his immune system. The IVIG Infusions have since resumed but now he was required to be medically cleared by immunology in order to proceed with Friday’s surgery.

I got the call yesterday, letting me know that his lab work looked good and he is cleared to move forward.

With all those pieces finally coming together, we have received his arrival time and the final go to move forward.

We have to arrived at Akron Children’s Hospital no later than 6 AM. He should be back in surgery shortly after that.

Anyway, the boys are with Lizze’s parents because there would be no time to drop them off in the morning before heading out.

Gavin’s currently undergoing the unpleasantness of the presurgical prep but is in good spirits.

I’m a bundle of raw nerves right now and I don’t see that getting any better until we can put this all behind us.

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Marc Tomor

Man you guys ….you may not sleep but lay it down for a while…might get lucky and sleep…God Bless and keep us posted..


Everything is going to be all right. It sounds like the docs are taking good care of Gavin.

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