As far as Monday’s go, it could be worse

As far as Monday’s go, it could be worse

Everyone’s in sort of a blah mood today. We had a long weekend and perhaps it just took a toll. Lizze is struggling with her migraine and unfortunately, her hip popped out this morning as well.

One of the health related challenges Lizze faces is Ehlers-Danlos, a connective tissue disorder. Her joints are very, very loose and it isn’t a Monday if something doesn’t pop out of socket.

Gavin deals with the same exact thing. His hip and shoulder pop out all the time. It’s very painful for both of them and the sound it makes when their joints pop out is horrifying.

I’m moving a little slower today. The boys and I spent most of the afternoon yesterday, helping build my sister’s new deck. It was a fun but physically demanding. When we got home, I went walking and maybe overdid things a bit.

Maybe we’ll take it easier today and recover from everything.

I’d love to get some writing done because I have several posts swirling around my head and I need to get them out of there.

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