We’re on a mission to release this little guy into the wild

I told you awhile back that we rescued a tadpole from the pet store and our plan was to safely let it growup before we release it into the wild.

That day has finally come and we are going to release this little guy into the wild.

Frogs are disappearing in record numbers and we want to do our part to help put at least one

back. So, that’s our plan for today. We’re driving way too far away and hiking way to far in order to find the perfect spot for the him to be released.

This should prove to be fun…

We had him in a much bigger tank. This is just for transport. ☺

  • Dotdash says:

    Please please ask the pet store before you release it. A lot of the frogs being sold are not native and do harm to native frogs.

  • Facebook Profile photo BeckyW says:

    Aww! How cute. And nice of you to release it.