The lowdown on today’s doctors appointments – Page 2

The lowdown on today’s doctors appointments

It took this long to for there to be any openings and 8 AM was when they opened the books for the end of the year. I got up and called first thing.

He’s on a cancelation list, so hopefully we can get in sooner.

We met with his psychologist last night and discussed this whole thing. She’s about 70% sure we’re looking at Bipolar disorder but wants a psychiatrist to confirm and then manage the medication if any is needed.

When it came to the vaccines, Elliott was a mess. It took a bit of time but he ended up doing it and I’m very proud of him. ☺

Lizze took Emmett out of the room because it made things easier for Elliott. While they were waiting for Elliott to get done, she took Gavin to get his bloodwork for this week. That saved us a great deal of time as well as a return trip later, just for that reason.

It was a chaotic morning and we didn’t get off on a good footing but we made it through.

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