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Review: The NEW Link View Smart Display by @JBLaudio takes Google Home to the next level

Final Thoughts

After two solid weeks of putting this through as many use scenarios as possible, I’m walking away very impressed. As an Autism family, life is chaotic on the best of days. Devices like the Link View and Google Home, in general, can be enormously helpful.  Being able to view valuable information at a glance or set timers, alarms, reminders and ever add events to your calendar is crazy helpful.

The Link View improves upon the already amazing Google Home experience in just about every way. If you’re looking to streamline your life, make information easily accessible, control your smart devices, watch videos, listen to music, display your pictures, manage your appointments, make video calls, spice up a dorm room or help your kids with homework, you can’t go wrong with the Link View.

Here are my final review scores.

Sound Quality: 5/5

Display: 4.5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Overall Value: 4.5/5

If you’re interested in purchasing the Link View for yourself, you can do so at It retails for $249 and in my opinion, it’s a good value for all you get.

I want to thank JBL for sending out the Link View and in the process, helping me raise Autism Awareness along the way. ☺

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kimmy gebhardt

Hey Rob, question for you- I saw the crapfest on Twitter a few weeks ago about your reviews (or lack thereof, according to whoever that was who decided to be a dick that day) and I’m curious what you do with the items after you review them? I’m sure you keep some of them but do you donate or sell the things that you don’t need? I know you got donations in last year for the end of the school year but never heard what the outcome was with what you and Emmett put together with the principal. I feel like you could do a decent amount of business on eBay with some of the things you get for review (which would be awesome). Follow-up, why not start an eBay store? I have friends who buy things from thrift stores and sell them and do pretty well. One who does it mostly full time made $9000 last December, which is just crazy to me but that’s something that both you and Lizze could do from home.

Kim gebhardt

So what would make a product unable to be reviewed? I feel like everything about the product from manufacture to shipping to customer service (if necessary) should be up for review so I’m curious why you and the company would decide not to publish.

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