He seems better today but time will tell -

He seems better today but time will tell

I slept like the dead last night. The boys got off to school and Lizze is at her Tuesday morning appointment. When she’s done and there’s a break in the weather, I’m going to try and go walking.

At the moment, I’m finding all kinds of reasons not to go but I know I need to go anyway.

At first glance, Gavin seems to be doing okay-ish. He’s currently sleeping off his morning meds but the brief encounters I’ve had with him thus far have been better than yesterday.

There’s sort of a status quo when it comes to Gavin. It will change from time to time as his regression and health issues worsen. Whenever the dust settles, there’s usually a new status quo. We seem to have returned to his current status quo morning, at least that’s how it seems.

Time will tell.

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