It's been a largely positive morning -

It’s been a largely positive morning

Elliott and Emmett got off to a really good start this morning. They even helped with giving Zane his antibiotics.

Lizze holds Zane, Elliott bribes Zane with fur-vita and Emmett squirts the meds in the back of his throat so he can’t spit it out. The rest of the time, Lizze holds Zane and I give the medication. It’s working pretty well and Zane seems to be getting better. ☺

We took the boys to school this morning and stopped by the park to walk. Lizze was able to do about 3/4 of a mile and we headed home. I’m going back out later to do my walk. Lizze is working through a tremendous amount of pain and walking or any physical movement doesn’t come easy.

I’m so proud of her for getting out there this morning and getting something done. ☺

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