How the kids having a rough morning can be viewed in a positive light by #Autism parents – Page 2

How the kids having a rough morning can be viewed in a positive light by #Autism parents

Elliott needed school pants. Yes, I’m well aware that we just bought him a couple pairs of pants in the last month or so. Unfortunately, they shrank after the first wash and were a bit to tight. We got him two new pairs of pants last night and bumped him up a size, just in case these shrink as well.

Mr. Emmett didn’t really need anything but we let him pick out a new pair of pj’s because they had some really nice Minecraft ones on clearance for under $10.

Elliott and Emmett were a bit more difficult to manage. They’re super impulsive and very easily frustrated. That was on full display last night. At the same time, despite these challenges, they really did their best to cooperate with us and we recognized that.

Taking three kids with Autism and/or Special Needs to a crowded clothing store is a challenge on a good day. These guys are still emotionally overstimulated from the loss of their Great Grandmother last week. These guys very much live symbiotically with Lizze and I.

Lizze is devastated by the loss of her grandmother and while she does her best to not overwhelm the kids with her grief, they absorb it like a sponge.

We had several major meltdowns last night before bed. It was definitely a rough night for everyone.

All that said, the kids got off to school with relative ease. The problems we encountered would probably not be viewed in such a positive light in a more typical parenting setting. Parents of more typical kids wouldn’t be used to these kinds of challenges.

That said, we aren’t typical parents. The challenges we faced this morning were not unexpected, considering what the last 5 or 6 days have been like.

I feel like it could have definitely been worse and we got off pretty lucky. The bottomline is that the kids made it to school and hopped out of the car with a smile on their face.

That sounds like a win to me.

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I don’t know Rob, even typical kids can be a huge pain in the neck especially when shopping! I did retail for years and bratty children are very unpleasant. All in all, it sounds like your guys did pretty well.

kimmy gebhardt

I’m curious why you didn’t take Gavin by himself when the other boys were in school. Seems like the perfect time to be able to find clothes for Gavin without as much stress as when the E’s are there too.

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