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There’s good news and bad news

Emmett could be good to return on Monday. He’s getting anxious about makeup work and he wants to go back. We’ll have to see how he’s doing. He’s still been running a low grade fever off and on. That could mean nothing (assuming it’s related to his fever disorder) or it could mean that he’s still fighting something off.

What may end up being best is to give them the long break to recover but also go and get some of their makeup work. That will keep them from getting further behind. Neither of them are actually behind because they’re pretty far ahead already but there is in class work that needs to be made up.

Lizze and I have been sorta talking about it. Thanksgiving is only a few days away and there’s illness floating around the school. We may just write the week off and give them the entire time to recover.

I guess this is more about Emmett because Elliott will likely still be too sick to go.

I hate making these kinds of decisions because there’s no clear answer as to what’s right. These guys have been pretty sick for awhile now and rushing them back, probably isn’t the best thing.

These are excused absenses as well so that’s not a huge deal.

Anyway, we’re going to focus on getting everyone to eat and stay hydrated for now. Both the boys are struggling with that at the moment. That’s usually a sign they aren’t feeling well.

Thankfully, I got them both to sleep. Their diffuser is running and the room smells like eucalyptus. It’s helping a bit with Elliott’s cough and that’s good.

Have a great night everyone..

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Thank goodness you were able to get them treated.

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