My plate is full on this gloomy Monday morning -

My plate is full on this gloomy Monday morning

It’s definitely a Monday. We mostly got up on time but didn’t get the kids to school until 8:15 AM. Typically, I like to have them there at 8 AM sharp because it gives the a chance to eat breakfast without being rushed.

Everyone did great this morning and the holdup had nothing to do with anyone.

The issue was our 15 year old washer and dryer. The washer isn’t spinning the water out of the clothes very well anymore, requiring me to manually wring them out. The washer is level and balanced but it’s pretty old.

The dryer isn’t drying clothes very well either. We had to run everything back through the dryer again this morning because they were still wet.

That was the delay. Hopefully, we’ll be able to nurse these incredibly important and too expensive to replace home appliances, along for a bit longer.

On the bright side, Lizze and Gavin joined me for a walk this morning. It was about 1.51 miles and I’ll need to go again later on today but props to them for taking on the challenge this morning. ☺

I have some bills to figure out before lunch, as well as logistics for at least some of the upcoming trips to the Cleveland Clinic this month. I still have to figure out Christmas, try and get the car fixed so we can make all these appointments safely.

It’s all a bit overwhelming.

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