It’s been a rough couple of days and here’s why

I have been sorta off the grid for a couple days and there’s a few reasons for that. Mostly it’s because I’m depressed, tired and just haven’t had the energy to put my thoughts together. Another is that I’ve been hit with a couple hate mobs and even a death threat on Twitter.

Most Autistic adults are amazing people and I’m blessed to have many as friends. My wife is Autistic and so are all my kids.

There’s a very small, but incredibly vocal subset of Autistic adults who are very aggressive, rude, hateful, intolerant and simply mean people. They say some truly vile things and seem to think it’s okay to threaten people who don’t agree with them. I was lucky enough to the target of these hate mobs, threats of violence and even a threat on my life this week.

This was because an old poll got reshared. The title was Has being an Autism parent had an impact on your physical and emotional health? The second post that created unnecessary drama was Fixing what’s broken in the Autism community.

The fact that I wrote these, both actually positive posts, meant I was a monster, terrible parents and my kids would be better off if I were dead. The first post was about raising awareness for selfcare and was simply a poll meant to get parents thinking about selfcare. The other was about uniting the different groups within the Autism community, so we accomplish more and do better for our loved ones with Autism.

My words were grossly misrepresented and few people bothered to read the posts for themselves. They just attacked and attacked. There was absolutely no reasoning with them. I was accused of promoting the genocide of Autistic people and wishing that my own kids were dead. It was, and frankly, still is unbelievable. It’s still going on but I’m walking away from it.

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