A meltdown inducing dentist appointment today

We have an exciting day planned and by exciting I mean not fun at all. Mr. Emmett is returning to the dentist this afternoon because he has a baby tooth that needs fixed.

When he was at the dentist a month ago, we discovered that he had the start of a cavity on the front of the tooth that had been in contact with his metal cap. The cap had left a mark on the tooth in question and the dentist wants to fix it before it can become a problem.

It’s minor enough that he shouldn’t need to be numbed up or anything like that.

I know it’s a baby tooth but that tooth is not ready to come out and we don’t want there to be any problems.

This won’t be a huge deal but it will probably leave him overstimulated and he will therefore become a ticking time bomb, ready to meltdown at any minute. That’s not something I’m looking forward to.

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