3 big reasons why I’m thankful today

Well, it’s been a pretty long day and it’s finally coming to a close. I’m trying to kill about 30 minutes so I can take my motrin before going to bed and I figured I’d post a quick update.

There’s only three things worth mentioning tonight and both are mostly good news. ☺

First of all, Ruby’s surgery went well and she came home the same day. They weren’t sure if she’d need to stay overnight but they ended up sending her home mid-afternoon. She’s doing well but she’s not very happy..

She’s got to wear this little tiny cone of shame for the next 12 days. It’s almost bigger than she is and she does not like it.

She’s taking sedatives for the next 5 days to help keep her calm. She’s a super high energy dog and we need her not to be right now. It’s definitely in her best interests not to pop her stitches.

The boys have been in edge all day waiting to learn how she had done and when she could come home. Elliott desperately wanted her to sleep in their room tonight but we felt it best to keep her in her kennel, in the living room where she always sleeps at night.

We’re all very glad that she’s going so well. ☺

Next, we were able to get the fuel leak in the car fixed today. My brother did it after work and it was actually pretty cheap. He’s a mechanic at huge GMC dealership and he’s kind enough to work on our car for the cost of the parts. We’re incredibly grateful..

We were leaking a good bit of fuel and now we aren’t. ☺

Unfortunately, there are still multiple, major issues with the car and while it’s not worth fixing, he’s going to help us keep it limping along for as long as we safely can.

There is absolutely no way we can pull off a new car right now. Frankly, I don’t have any idea when we’d be able to replace it and that’s actually very concernimg for me. 😔

Lastly, my site was hacked recently. I had to spend the afternoon cleaning code and hardening my WordPress installations on the server. The Internet can be a dangerous place. It was lots of fun but I was able to get it done on my own and have it verified. Unfortunately, I was blocked on Facebook today as well. It could be because of the hack or maybe my stalker began reporting my site again. Either way, it’s been appealed and will likely be fixed in the near future. Frankly, I don’t even care anymore. Facebook has lost its value to me and while I love my followers, it’s too expense to utilize Facebook for marketing anymore. They’ve become a pay to play platform I prefer Twitter, so if you’re not following me there you probably should.. ☺

Outside of that, I probably pushed myself a bit too far today and I’m paying for it right now. My mouth is healing quickly for the lost part but there’s part of my cheek that still has a what feels like a huge chunk missing and that’s been hurting this evening.

The motrin is helping and I’m almost due for my next dose.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I’m getting sucked into Twitter. But still have friends on Facebook.

Bob and I have talked about getting a newer, used car. (A car built in the 21st century!) I figure one that runs and is without rust, but probably with 100,000 miles on it or more, could be in the $4000-5000 range. I could be delusional. Still, $4000 is quite a bit if you are living paycheck(s) to paycheck(s).