5 Milestones to Celebrate

Children of all abilities may at one point in their lives lack self confidence and self esteem. Growing up is never easy, and there may be times when they feel insecure, unsure, frustrated or discouraged. One way to build up your child’s self confidence is by celebrating important milestones in their life, and by showing them their strengths. Here are some of the milestones worth celebrating with your child:

Middle School Graduation

This is a very pivotal moment in your child’s life. This is their transition from being a child to becoming a teenager. At this point in their lives, they might be nervous or apprehensive about what lies ahead, or they may be very excited about the future. In any case, show your child they have your support by throwing them a fun middle school graduation party, complete with photo booth rental from the Photo Factory to capture all the precious memories.

There are plenty of graduation party ideas you can find online, but it might be best to just sit down and talk with your child about their best interests, and what theme they would like for their party. Work together to decide on the decorations, food and entertainment. This will make them feel grown up and able to make decisions, and more confident in the process.

Being Able to Help Out Around the House

It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate your child when they first start helping out around the house, especially if this is done voluntarily, without you having to ask. Acknowledging good deeds like picking up after themselves, cleaning their rooms, or helping to take out the trash or do the dishes will encourage your child to continue this positive behavior. Let your child know how they are helping you when they do their chores, how it affects you (less tired, more time to rest,) and how much you appreciate it.

Achievements in School

Celebrate whenever your child distinguished themselves in school, whether it’s an academic achievement, a creative award, or a sports related victory. It doesn’t have to be a big celebration, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to reward your child with material things whenever they excel in school. But it’s important to acknowledge the achievement, and to encourage them to keep up the good work. Ways you can celebrate include cooking their favorite meal, letting them choose a special dessert, or taking the family out for dinner.

Religious Events

Depending on your family’s beliefs, you may celebrate your child first communion, Bat or Bar Mitzvah, or other religious events. It’s important to have a talk with your child about these events to help them understand the significance of them. It’s also good to have open and honest communication with your kids about your beliefs, and why it is important to you personally to celebrate these events.

Learning a New Skill

Learning a new skill isn’t always easy, and the learning process can often be very frustrating and discouraging. Cheer your child on and encourage them as they keep trying to learn, and celebrate together when they finally master the skill. It’s always worth it to celebrate the little victories.

These are just some of the important milestones in your child’s life to celebrate and cherish. For sure you can think of more if you put yourself into the mindset of your child’s greatest cheerleader and supporter.

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