I Really Need Your Help

As a rule, I hate asking people for help. I prefer to be the one doing the helping because that’s my job. The reality, however, is that I really need your help and after talking with many of you recently, I was reminded that we all need help sometimes and I’m no different.

I have decided to step way outside of my comfort zone and ask for your help. On a side note, I really do appreciate everyone’s advice and concern.

Here’s the deal.

I have a very difficult time valuing what I do for the Autism and Special Needs community, both here on this blog, on social media, the podcast and in private. I know it’s having a positive impact because you folks frequently tell me that and it’s also not uncommon for me to receive awards for my efforts. I don’t like making a big deal about any of this because I don’t gravitate towards attention.

Unfortunately, that approach is not working. I need to grow and I need to do that for numerous reasons.

The reality is that I’m a struggling, work from home, full-time caregiver to 4 amazing people with various and oftentimes very challenging needs. I’m limited in the ways that I can provide for my family due to the nature of my responsibilities. We desperately need to increase our income because our car likely won’t make it much longer. We need to move ASAP because we live in a bad neighborhood and the kids can’t even play outside due to safety concerns.

This blog and my podcast are my main sources of income. They help but it’s not consistent. I’ve built a very large, highly respected platform, with enormous potential. Unfortunately, I’m one person and I simply don’t have the resources to more effectively utilize what I’ve built.

I manage my own server, write/record all the content, market it as best I can, manage my growing social media presence, actively look for advertising partners and do outreach to those in need. It’s a great deal to manage on my own, especially with all my family related responsibilities and I need your help. While I’m sorta treading water, I’m not efficiently providing for my family or maximizing my ability to help others.

I’m simply spread too thin.

I need my readers to help in any or all of the following ways:

  • Visit often.
  • Share content on social media (minus Facebook because I’m temporarily blocked again and any links to my site will be blocked but you can share the podcast links found here.).
  • Encourage others to follow me on social media, especially on Twitter.
  • If you have any connections with companies or organizations that might be interested in partnering or sponsoring my blog, podcast or both, please connect me.
  • Subscribe to my podcast via your favorite app and listen to new episodes.
  • Share my podcast and encourage others to listen, subscribe and share

I’ve been encouraged to put together an Amazon wishlist but I’ve not done that yet.

Update: Amazon Wish List is finally set up and can be found here.

You can also donate directly via the PayPal link in the sidebar or click here. It’s there by request and every dime goes to both supporting my family and continued efforts within the community.

Every visit, like, share, listen, subscription, connection, and donation helps me keep this blog alive and the podcast generating new content.

Look, I’m not good at selling myself and I severely undervalue my worth but I’m trying to change that because lots of people are relying on me to keep things going, including my family, as well as any of you.

If you can support me in any of these ways, it will go a long way towards keeping things moving forward. This is my job and I’m very lucky to have this opportunity to both support my family and serve the community. Your help and support make this possible.

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate you all. ☺ 💙

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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So, you are having difficulties financially and ask for donations but you can afford surgery for your dog??? I just saw the tweet. That’s wrong!

Lynda Mayol

Have you ever approached a car dealership and explained the situation. In exchange for a reliable car, you could give them a shout out on blog or podcast for a while. Maybe get an article in the paper. Great goodwill for them. I also think the Amazon wish list is a good idea. I would love helping that way!