Review: The Dodow helps me naturally fall asleep faster (@MyDodow)

All you do is tap the touch-sensitive surface once to turn it on for an eight-minute cycle and twice for a twenty-minute cycle. Once activated, a blue light appears on the ceiling. Dodow’s soft blue light (brightness < 1 lux) allows your body to relax, without inhibiting melatonin production.

You simply match your breathing with the pulsation of the light. Inhale when the light shines and then exhale when the light goes out. The exhalation is deliberately longer because it helps to create a sensation of tiredness.

When either the eight or twenty-minute cycle ends, Dodow switches itself off. At that point, you’ll be incredibly relaxed and ready to fall asleep naturally.

As I said, it’s beneficial.

Should you want to turn it off manually, simply touch and hold for three seconds. You can also adjust the brightness of the blue light to find what fits your situation best.

I used Dodow, and my 10-year-old Autistic son did as well. It proved to be tremendously calming for him, and he really likes it. We’re hoping to be able to transition him away from melatonin if we can. ☺

Sleep is so important and for me personally, falling asleep can be a challenge. Being able to tap the Dodow and focus on my breathing, helps me shut my brain off long enough to fall asleep. My life is so incredibly stressful, and I need to make the most of whatever sleep I can get.

The Dodow retails for $60, but there are discounts when you purchase multiple Dodows. You can buy your own Dodow here. They offer a 100-day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose but your sleepless nights. ☺

Enter coupon code “DADOW” at check out and save $10.. 😀👍

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I wish I would have had this when my 3 kids (4 yrs apart in total) were little and it was go go go all day.

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