Managing #anxiety and #panicattacks can be extremely challenging

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It’s been a pretty decent day thus far. I didn’t sleep very well last night but I took a short nap this morning and feel much better.

The boys got off to school without any trouble and Lizze had her first of two doctors appointments. There was about a 30 minute break between appointments and they were on opposite ends of town.

Her last appointment went well but on the way home, she was hit with a panic attack. Lizze has always battled anxiety and panic attacks are par for the course.

Rather than go straight home and likely get worse, we opted instead to hit the park, go for a walk and take pictures of Fall. Lizze was getting really nauseous and I figured that a physical outlet might help. The distraction of taking pictures would be a good thing as well.

For the most part, I think it helped. The anxiety is always there but this was a positive way of helping address it. This helped to sorta burn off some of that negative energy and that’s a positive thing. Sometimes it helps and other times it doesn’t.

We actually walked over 1.5 miles and that’s really awesome for both her and Gavin. ☺

I brought them home and will be heading back to sneak in another 3 miles before picking the kids up from school. After school, we have our last appointment of the day and then we can finally call it quits.

I’m thinking of making plain chicken breast for dinner tonight. Sometimes, everyone will eat that. It just sorta depends on where they are that day. Hopefully, everyone will eat chicken and I can feel like I’ve done something right.. 😉

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Hey, I’m sure you doing many things right! You are there and you love your sons and do your best. That is ahead of many if not most people.