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Gavin’s having a rough day. He’s spent almost the entire day in his room running intense missions. The reason I bring this up is because while Gavin’s schizophrenic, he’s also Autistic and is very much a creator of habit.

He has very specific routines that he follows and if they get disrupted, he is not a happy camper.

Routine disruption can be challenging for people with Autism, and Gavin is not exception.

So far today, Gavin has ignored most of his routine in lieu of managing a crisis in the Universe he’s transported to when he walks through his bedroom door. He’s very much on edge and not wanting to tell us anything about it.

I’m a little worried because, on any other day, we literally can’t get him to stop telling us about these things.

Why is today different?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Fayren Chaerunnissa

Does Gavin have violent outbursts because of his Schizophrenia? If he does, how do you protect himself and others from them? My older brother also has Autism and Schizophrenia, and he would hurt himself or others when he’s having an episode. Before his outbursts, he would freeze and talk to himself as if he was having a conversation with someone else. Then he would attack me or someone else. This is a great concern of mine, and I look forward to hearing your point of view on this. Thank you for sharing!


Is it harder when he withdraws from everyone into his world due to his schizophrenia? or when he talks excessively but is more engaged? does he has a balance between these two extremes? are the extremes a part of schizophrenia?