I feel like this is a total victory -

I feel like this is a total victory

Gavin’s appointment at the always amazing Akron Children’s Hospital went very well. Most of his gastro symptoms have subsided, and he does not require regular medication in that area of his life.

While he’s not really gaining weight, he’s maintaining where he is, and that’s a good thing. His doctor is happy with his progress in the weight department.

Gavin spoke up a few times, but it didn’t cause any confusion during the appointment. Sometimes it does because of Gavin wanting to say what he thinks the other person wants to hear. Accuracy is not his thing and makes things more confusing than it has to be.

He did an excellent job today.

He doesn’t even have to come back for 12 months. After that appointment, if all is well, these will become as needed.

Gavin’s Gastro is awesome, but anytime we can remove a doctor from the regular schedule, it’s a good feeling.

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That is terrific news! One less thing to worry about.

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