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#Autism can make dealing with loss much more difficult

Emmett, on the other hand, is struggling. This is at least the fourth night in a row that Emmett sees midnight and is still unable to sleep.

Both he and Elliott have been struggling to sleep, but Elliott has been slowly doing better, while Emmett seems to be getting worse.

Even melatonin isn’t helping

Emmett internalizes everything and struggles with expressing himself, making it very difficult to help him.

It’s almost 1 AM and Emmett is still wide awake. He’s so emotionally overwhelmed, and when that happens, we see lots of meltdowns. Emmett is very sensory oriented, and when he’s emotionally overloaded, he is unable to cope with things that might be able to under different circumstances.

He has therapy on Tuesday, and he needs a little extra time with Dr.Pattie. Frankly, that’s not a bad idea for all three of them.

We have to find creative ways to get through to Emmett and help him process his feelings. He’s wound pretty right now, and decompression is something he’s likely to benefit from, but I’m struggling a bit on my own at the moment, and it’s quite overwhelming for me as well.

It’s apparent that he’s struggling right now and in need of emotional support. We’re providing him with as much love and support as we can. Dealing with loss is something that no one likes to do, but for an Autistic child, it can be especially so.

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Poor guy.

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