OMG it’s like pulling teeth

OMG it’s like pulling teeth

I got my walk in bright and early, after a semi-decent nights sleep. I took some ZzzQuil before bed, and sometimes it takes forever to shake off in the morning.

We have to make a trip to the dispensary this afternoon. It’s an extremely expensive trip but it’s a necessary one. Lizze hasn’t been here in a couple of weeks because she uses it sparingly. While it is costly, it makes such a difference in her life. This is a must.

Later on this afternoon, we have therapy with the kids.

We also need to get Gavin’s Clozapine refill today and that’s seemingly like pulling teeth at this point. Every fucking week it’s nightmare trying to get this prescription refilled. There’s so much red tape that in every single year isn’t turning, we can be met with significant delays.

While I’m overwhelmed, I was also able to knock out about half a dozen jobs this morning and I needed that income so that’s a good thing. I was able to do that despite the annoying furry growth on my shoulder. I’m really grateful for the workload today because without it, I wouldn’t have been able to get Lizze’s meds. 😉

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