Learning to be alone

The kids haven’t quite been gone a day and I’m already struggling a bit. This probably doesn’t make any sense but there are times that I really need a break but when I get the break, I find myself wishing the kids were home.

I’m so used to not being alone or having any time to myself, that I don’t like it when I get it.

It’s important that I find a way to take advantage of the downtime and get things done that need to be done or simply do nothing at all. I’m pretty much always doing something and sometimes it’s okay to do absolutely nothing.

If I’m being honest, I do okay on most days since my wife has left. I’m very focused on my kids and work, so I’m always distracted. When the kids are gone and the house is quiet, I find that I really miss the company. I miss spending time with my wife. I lived for those times were we had time to ourselves and now when the kids are gone, I have nothing, at least that’s how it feels.

I really want to move past this and like I said, most of the time I’m doing okay. I’m not very good at being alone right now and perhaps that’s why I avoid it.

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