How to Save Big by Parking at LAX Airport Hotels

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When planning a trip, you have a lot of decisions to make. Not only do you need to find the appropriate accommodation, book a flight, and organize a transfer from the airport, but you must also organize your trip to the airport. If you’re driving to Los Angeles Airport, we suggest that you reserve a suitable parking facility in advance; and finding the perfect parking spot can be complicated and overwhelming.
You should factor in the location of the parking lot, the cost, and the length of your trip. Therefore, there are a lot of choices to make – whether to choose on-site, off-site, cheap and uncovered, covered parking, expensive valet service, and so on. Of course, one of the most important factors is usually the price. All things considered, the official on-site parking structure may not be the best choice for long-term parking. 
Discover all the advantages of hotel parking and helpful tips and links below.

When does LAX Park Sleep Fly Hotel parking make sense?
Los Angeles hotel parking is probably the best option for passengers who have an early flight or those arriving late at night, especially if they live miles away from LAX. So, in order to avoid driving in the middle of the night, you should find an affordable hotel in the area that provides free parking service and shuttles to and from the airport terminal building.

Passengers using LAX Park and Fly deals instead of on-site parking for long trips almost always save a lot of money. For instance, the cheapest LAX Economy parking lot for a 14-night trip would cost $168. On the other hand, one night in a hotel nearby that provides 14 days of free parking services and free shuttle service to LAX starts at $119. So, even if you don’t stay in the hotel, that’s an advantageous purchase.

How to Find the LAX Park Sleep Fly Deals?
Even though numerous hotels offer LAX Park Sleep Fly packages, not all hotels near the airport will allow you to leave your vehicle in their parking area. Some of them offer free parking structures for their club members only. To find out which Los Angeles hotels provide LAX Park and Fly deals, you would usually have to search through countless hotel listings, which will take you a lot of time. However, we have a perfect solution for you.

With our simple booking system, you can quickly get reserved parking spaces at or near LAX, including airport hotels. Passengers who want to use on-airport parking should check out the Los Angeles Airport Parking Guide that contains all the necessary on-site parking information. also provides great deals on Los Angeles Park and Fly hotels, and you can find the best and cheapest hotel deals in ourLAX Park and Fly Hotels Guide. Don’t waste your time going through numerous sites because we have discovered the best of the best.

Check the Guest Reviews!
This is a very important step before booking a LAX Park Sleep Fly hotel offer. We suggest that you choose a few nearby accommodations that meet your requirements and then compare their reviews. This should not be a problem since you can easily find guest reviews on Google, as well as a couple of other hotel review sites. This way, you will discover the experiences of other travelers and be sure whether to book a certain hotel room or not. If it is possible, there is an even better way to evaluate the security of the hotel parking areas – do a drive-by and see it for yourself.

Check the LAX Hotels Shuttle Times!
Even without the shuttle service, LAX Park Sleep Fly deals can be cost-effective if you find a good offer, and so you can hop on a taxi cab or Uber to the hotel. However, you can avoid all this by checking the shuttle hours of operation and scheduling the ride in advance if possible. Therefore, while searching for the hotel that fits your needs, don’t forget to check the hotel shuttle times. This is very important, especially if you’re coming back to LAX late at night – you don’t want to get to the airport and find out that hotel shuttles stopped running an hour before your arrival.

Pack an Overnighter!
When you plan on staying in a hotel before or after your trip, we highly recommend you to pack a separate overnight bag. This will save you a lot of time! Don’t rummage through your trip suitcase looking for a shirt or a toothbrush; take your overnight bag and quickly find everything you need. Also, you can leave it in your parked car while on the trip (make sure you put it out of sight) and avoid carrying unnecessary luggage. 

Secure Your Car!
Before leaving your car in an unattended parking lot for several days, there are a few things to consider. You never know what could happen while you’re out of town, and so you should take precautionary measures. Study the layout of the parking lot, check out where are the well-lit parking spots, and make sure all your things are out of sight, as we’ve already mentioned, so there’s nothing visible to attract thieves. Another thing that makes breaking into the car more complicated is parking the vehicle up to a wall or fence. Check out the surrounding area and see if there’s any other potential threat. And, of course, don’t forget where you left your car keys.

Make a Note of the Hotel’s Contact Information!
Last but not least, be sure to write down the name and phone number of the hotel and have it with you. This will make getting back to your car easier and give you a chance to call the hotel if there’s any change in your plan. Needless to say, you should also call the property if your flight time changes so that they could arrange a shuttle ride. can provide you with Los Angeles International Airport parking information, LAX Park Sleep Fly Hotels, and the best long term parking facilities at all major airports and car parking options at cruise terminals. Make a reservation on the spot, and don’t hesitate to check us out for your upcoming leisure or business trip!

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