How Mente Helps Relax the Minds of Kids with #Autism

Children with autism spectrum disorder are no strangers to stress, and finding ways to help them relax can be challenging. That’s where Mente can help because it uses neurofeedback technology to promote relaxation, which makes it easier to engage with one’s environment in a positive way. More than that, the device is affordable, easy to use, and provides at-home therapy that can improve communication, lengthen attention spans, and reduce agitation. 

Why Mente Is Effective? 

People with autism spectrum disorder often exhibit high levels of delta and theta brainwaves (slow waves), as well as an excess of high beta (fast waves). This pattern is mostly associated with inattention, anxiety, impulsivity and impaired social skills. Delta and theta are usually related to daydreaming, dozing, and deep sleeping and therefore the excessive amount of these brainwaves can lead to fogginess and sleep disorders. The Mente device uses neurofeedback to stimulate the brain to help decrease these excessive levels of delta and theta waves, while also promoting the beta and alpha waves. 

It Encourages Communication Skills 

When a person is engaged in a conversation, debating, teaching, or otherwise mentally stimulated, the brain generates beta waves.  Therefore, by reducing delta waves and encouraging beta waves, Mente can be effective at improving conversation skills in children with autism.  After four to eight weeks of daily sessions with the device, parents notice that their children participate more in conversations and make more eye contact. On a related note, parents also notice their children have longer attention spans, are able to focus and learn better, and are more engaged in educational settings.   

It Reduces Stress and Agitation  

Alpha waves are associated with meditation and reflection as well as readiness, so by encouraging the brain to produce more of these, Mente aims to reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance cognitive functions. As a result, parents will notice improved behavior in their children and fewer episodes of agitation.

How the Device Works 

The Mente device is a portable and convenient electroencephalography (EEG) headset that reads brainwaves in real-time. When a person puts the headset on, the device analyzes and records the person’s brainwaves, and then generates neurofeedback in the form of sound to stimulate the brain, encouraging it to increase beta and alpha brainwaves and reduce theta and delta waves. Each session is 40 minutes long and can be done quickly and easily in the comfort of your home to promote relaxation in children with autism. The device is also linked to an app that records sessions, allowing parents to measure progress and results as the week’s pass. 

The major benefit of the Mente device is that it reduces stress for children with autism, and this makes it easier to engage with others, communicate, and engage with the world. The device is also very easy to use. The quick 40-minute home sessions are easy to fit into your family routine, and the recording capabilities of the device make it easy for you and your child to monitor progress together. 

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