Holding my own and not giving up

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We do have therapy tonight so we will hopefully be able to make some forward progress in dealing with all this stuff.

I have an interview tomorrow with an active duty Marine, who’s also an Autism Dad as well. We’re going to have a Dad to Dad conversation about being an Autism parent, while serving one’s country and hopefully connect with other active duty military personnel who have Autistic kids as well. We want to raise some awareness for their unique challenges and support them anyway we can.

Emmett being home makes these recordings very challenging because he has yet to not interrupt at some point. I need about 45 minutes of quiet and it’s not easy with the kids home. I need to figure something out because they will be home all summer.

I’m thinking about reclaiming what was once my office and turn it into a man cave. There needs to be some work done because there’s still a roof leak but I think it would be a positive thing for all of us.

I would setup the podcast equiptment in there because the acoustics are better, meaning less noise and echo. I would put a desk, couch, bean bag chairs, a TV and some led lighting. The idea would be to create a space that I could comfortably work in but also a place for the kids to escape to when they need a break. I figure, as long as we will be stuck in this house, we need to make the best of it.

I’m struggling to make progress lately and that’s very frustrating for me. I’m simply spread too thin and I’m being pulled in too many different directions. It’s exhausting but at the same time, I’m holding my own and I’m not giving up.

Rob Gorski

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