Quick update

It’s been a exhausting day and we’re all spent. We need a good night’s sleep before we begin the long trip home. We have a couple more things to do at the hotel before taking off, one of them being the podcast interview.

We spent our last night in Florida, volunteering at Give Kids The World. I’ll tell you all about that later. For tonight, I just wanted drop a quick update and let you how things are going.

Elliott and Emmett would like to move here but I think they’re ready to head home. They’re getting a bit restless and I’m having a harder time managing them.

I’m not opposed to living here and I really like the area. I can work from anywhere, because I work online.

While moving here is a pipe dream, we’ve talked about making this a yearly trip if we can. I want to have some kind of annual guys trip and I want it to involve giving back, preferably to Give Kids The World.

Right now, I have no idea what’s going on beyind the next few days. I just want to make it home and go from there. I’m so tired that I’m not even going to proof read this post before I publish it.

I’m going to get some sleep while I can. I. Have a very long drive ahead of me once again.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

So glad this trip worked out for your and your sons. The long drive is daunting but you and your guys deserved this productive and well earned road trip. Have a safe trip back home.