I’m absolutely failing at this right now

I’m trying to get the kids to finish their homework and they’ve done much better this week than last week. If you’ve listened to my last pod, you already know that I’m quickly reaching the I just don’t give a fuck headspace in regards to homework. I have about three shits left to give and they need to last me the duration of lockdown. I can’t afford to waste them on homework battles.

Putting all that aside, I am thrilled because Gavin is writing again. He wrote a chapter yesterday and another one today. He’s even decided it’s time to start typing up what he’s already written. I’m really excited about that because that will make it much easier to manage and help him with. There’s also the added bonus of redundancy. At the moment, if he loses his notebook, he’s lost everything.

I’m looking forward to helping him learn to use Word or Google Doc’s. I love seeing Gavin learn new things and it gives me hope for the future. It’s really important that I keep his brain engaged, especially since he’s coming off his medication.

Speaking of medication. Gavin has completed the first stage of discontinuing the Clozapine. He took 200mg a day for four days and tomorrow he begins 100mg a day for four days. He’ll end after taking 50mg a day for four days. If things are going to get challenging, I’m getting close to the point that I’m going to begin noticing.

Anyway, that’s my claim to fame for today. Nothing spectacular but surviving is surviving.

There’s nothing on the agenda for Thursday and aside from some additional laundry and maybe some work, but it should be a slower day.

As always, I hope you are all doing well. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this difficult time for the human race. Stay smart. Be careful and stick together. Social Distancing is absolutely vital and I thank everyone of you practicing that because you’re helping to keep Gavin safe.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

I sympathize with you Rob. A good night’s sleep is almost foreign to me, especially at this time. My oldest autistic son is having continous medical problems and losing a lot of weight(not associated with the CONVID19) because of his gastro problems which is causing him to fear eating enough calories to maintain a proper weight and my youngest son is a resident doctor, far from our home, and dealing with coronavirus patients at the hospital he works, which is causing us a great deal of worry. So my mind won’t shut off at night worrying about them both. I hope things settle down for you to at least be able to get some sleep.


I’m sorry to hear things are so hard, Curtis. My husband is retired, I’m not working, and our youngest son is chronically ill. So only one of us leaves the house. Jacob actually delivers for Marco’s, who would’ve thought some of the heroes would be pizza delivery people? Jacob has OCD and compulsively washes his hands and is the person at Marco’s that disinfects everything,

I hope your son can somehow eat again. If he’s not eating enough, is it time to throw nutrition out the window for a time and just get him whatever calories he likes? When I was pregnant both times, I was severely nauseated and consequently, ate whatever gave me any calories. Sometimes breaking the rules in situations like this could help. Does your son like milkshakes? Maybe one of those Boost drinks mixed with ice cream? I could be off base. I have gut problems and sometimes, soft and/or sweet foods help in the short term. Take care and hope the best for you.

(I’m fat but I’ve lost 50 lbs. I do make smoothies with no sugar, stevia, bananas, frozen str Bleawberries, water, ice, yogurt. You could add ice cream. I almost never eat sugar anymore but I don’t have the problem your poor son has, am NOT underweight.)