The biggest challenges I face with my #autistic kids on #COVID19 lockdown

I’ve been talking to some fantastic experts on my podcast recently. My goal is to help parents better help their kids navigate the COVID19 lockdown. The feedback thus far has been very positive and I have more interviews coming.

One of the most common things that everyone is saying is essential, especially in regards to autistic kids, is routine.

Routine is paramount to helping our kids feel safe, secure, and in control during these scary, uncertain times. Generally, autistic kids require a very rigid structure and a strict routine in their daily lives. I’m not going into the whys at this point, so please just accept that as fact, because it is pretty common knowledge. 

COVID19 and our response to it has thrown our lives into chaos. Schools are shut down, families are separated, parents are home from work, and for the most part, we shouldn’t be leaving the house unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you can imagine life is a snow globe, then our kid’s snow globes have been shaken up. Most kids will adapt, but for kids with autism, that isn’t so easy.

My kids, for example, were just learning to adapt to some massive life changes when COVID19 hit. Their snow globe has been shaken with such vigor that the snow has yet to settle, and they still can’t see their hand in front of their face.

Routine and structure are among the most essential things needed to address those needs and help our kids to adapt.

Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. That’s the case in my family as well.

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