An Open Letter To Everyone Not #SocialDistancing or Wearing A Mask

An Open Letter To Everyone Not #SocialDistancing or Wearing A Mask

For those sleeping under a rock, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic to be more specific. We’re not even in the middle yet because we’re not even through the first wave. We are currently living through the worst public health crisis in the last century. This has to be taken seriously.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I know I’m going to piss some people off but frankly, I don’t care. I’m not here to make you feel good. We need to have a serious conversation about social, and personal responsibilities.

I’ve been on complete lockdown with my 3 autistic kids for 80 days now. My oldest is immunocompromised and we have to be extremely careful. We’re also doing our part to protect you and everyone else by staying home. We wear masks when we leave the house and observe social distancing. We have zero contact with any other human beings.

I live in Ohio and while I didn’t vote for him, I think Governor Mike DeWine has done a great job of mananging this crisis. He stood up to Trump and those in his own party. I feel that all the recent violence and armed protestors are having more influence on his decisions as of late. I’m not okay with that.

As I’m writing this, almost the entire country is reopened or reopening and frankly, based on what I’m seeing, this is terrifying. It would be scary if people were doing their part, being responsible and following the guidelines, but that’s not happening.

I tried to take my kids to the park today. It should be safe as long as we don’t come into contact with other people. We socially distance and wear our masks to protect everyone else. We drove to at least 3 different parks today and found them all to be jam packed with people, just like any other summer day, but this isn’t just any other summer day.

In the course of our drive to find a place we could safely go to, we estimate that we saw several hundred people, at least. Between the parks, streets and everywhere else, we witnessed hundreds of people ignoring the CDC guidelines. Out of the hundreds of people we drove past, we saw only 2 people wearing masks. We saw large groups of people, smaller groups of people and even individuals, completely disregarding the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone else around them. There was even a graduation party around the corner from me and there were carloads of people crammed into a small front yard, all behaving as if COVID-19 wasn’t a concern.

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It’s crazy. Even though where I live hasn’t opened up, people are out and about in droves, standing super close and without masks like nothing was ever the problem

Curtis G.

Bravo Rob! I appreciate you telling it like it is. This childish, I want to do what I want to do, go where I want to go, wear a mask only if I want to, and the hell with the consequences of people dying or if I infect other people, is totally beyond a sense of logic and just good common sense. I saw on the nightly news a scene somewhere here on the east coast on the beach where people were crowding the beach and one young, very stupid young man said, and I quote: “I think it’s awesome that people aren’t wearing masks.” For a long time I’ve watched as the light seems to be dimming inside the brains of a certain percentage of Americans. God help us if we get a second wave of the Corona virus and begin to lose millions, not thousands, of people to a horrible death scenario. I also understand the frustration and desperation of people needing to get back to work to take care of their families, pay their bills, but I’ve yet to see a dead body pay their bills, return to work and take care of their family. I just hope that people will wake up, open their eyes and see what a dangerous situation our country and the world is now in. I for one, having an adult autistic son with immune and other medical issues and another son, who is a resident doctor at a large Pennsylvania hospital putting their lives in further danger because a segment of our population think this not an serious problem that affects us all. And I’m sorry that we have a President who basically shrugged this virus aside and didn’t take immediate action that would have saved a large number of our population from suffering the horrible death they didn’t deserve. Sorry if anyone, including so called gun toting protestor, patriots who are putting us all at risk of losing our lives, take this to offense. But I simply don’t care about your opinion when people, including the elderly and children are dying from the corona virus.


I wonder if they will ever listen. It’s like people don’t care about 100,000 people dying, most of them unnecessarily if the federal government had done its job. I know it’s not over and I expect to see a HUGE spike in rural areas in 2 weeks.

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