An Open Letter To Everyone Not #SocialDistancing or Wearing A Mask

In my view, this is incredibly selfish, irresponsible and dangerous. I don’t really care if that offends anyone because it’s the truth. You’re not just putting yourself at risk. The CDC says the roughly 35% of people infected are asymptomatic but very, very contagious.

We finally decided to try the Wellness Trail, about a 20 minute drive from our house. We frequent there during the summer and the kids are so fond of it. There were no cars at the trail head, so we thought it would be safe to try. We had our masks and paid close attention to our surroundings.

While we didn’t come into anything even close to direct contact with anyone, because we actively avoided people, we did see dozens and dozens of people. They were walking different paths, having picnics in the shelters (which is still banned) or just collecting in the various parking lots. Not a single person wore a mask, besides us, at least that we saw and we were looking. We ultimately had to cut things short because there were just too many people. We got a short hike in and it was still nice but the risk became to great. It got to the point where there was almost no way to avoid people. We would have literally had to walk through groups of people and that’s just not happening.

I just don’t get it. People whine, cry, protest, sometimes violently and demand that lockdown end. What do they think is going to happen when all of this reckless, selfish behavior leads to even more infections? We are all going to have to go back on lockdown. COVID-19 will spread, people will get sick, businesses will have to close, people will lose their jobs and even more will die. As I’m writing this, we’re at nearly 100,000 deaths in the US.

I get people wanting to go back to work because they need to provide for their families. Safely and responsibly doing so is fine in my book. The problem is that too many people are not doing their part. Too many people are putting their personal desire to go out, ahead of the health and safety or everyone around them. Even worse, some people still believe the whole thing is a hoax.

It’s not that hard to wear a mask and socially distance. If you think it’s hard to breath through a cloth mask, what do you think it’s going to be like when your lungs fill with fluid and your only chance at survival is an induced coma and a ventilator, that may or may not even be available?

The only reason things aren’t worse than what they currently are is because everything was shutdown. We’ve lost 100,000 people and for the most part, we were all locked down. Imagine how much worse it’s going to be when everyone returns to their normal lives too soon, which many seem to have already done. These selfish actions are counterproductive to what you want and it’s really not a difficult concept to grasp. Sure, you get out of the house for a little while now but ultimately, if we end up back on lockdown, it will be much worse this time around.

Nothing good is going to come from this. People are going to lose their jobs. People are going to get sick with COVID-19 and die. This virus is not like the flu or a cold. Anyone who tells you that is either stupid, ignorant, willfully spreading misinformation, or they just don’t give a shit if you get sick and die. Pick your favorite reason but no matter how you look at it, this is extremely dangerous. 100,000 people in the US have already died. If we don’t take this seriously, more people will die. Please don’t wait until someone you care about dies, alone in a hospital, before you take this seriously. We have the power to get through this, but only if we work together, and do our part.

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It’s crazy. Even though where I live hasn’t opened up, people are out and about in droves, standing super close and without masks like nothing was ever the problem

Curtis G.

Bravo Rob! I appreciate you telling it like it is. This childish, I want to do what I want to do, go where I want to go, wear a mask only if I want to, and the hell with the consequences of people dying or if I infect other people, is totally beyond a sense of logic and just good common sense. I saw on the nightly news a scene somewhere here on the east coast on the beach where people were crowding the beach and one young, very stupid young man said, and I quote: “I think it’s awesome that people aren’t wearing masks.” For a long time I’ve watched as the light seems to be dimming inside the brains of a certain percentage of Americans. God help us if we get a second wave of the Corona virus and begin to lose millions, not thousands, of people to a horrible death scenario. I also understand the frustration and desperation of people needing to get back to work to take care of their families, pay their bills, but I’ve yet to see a dead body pay their bills, return to work and take care of their family. I just hope that people will wake up, open their eyes and see what a dangerous situation our country and the world is now in. I for one, having an adult autistic son with immune and other medical issues and another son, who is a resident doctor at a large Pennsylvania hospital putting their lives in further danger because a segment of our population think this not an serious problem that affects us all. And I’m sorry that we have a President who basically shrugged this virus aside and didn’t take immediate action that would have saved a large number of our population from suffering the horrible death they didn’t deserve. Sorry if anyone, including so called gun toting protestor, patriots who are putting us all at risk of losing our lives, take this to offense. But I simply don’t care about your opinion when people, including the elderly and children are dying from the corona virus.


I wonder if they will ever listen. It’s like people don’t care about 100,000 people dying, most of them unnecessarily if the federal government had done its job. I know it’s not over and I expect to see a HUGE spike in rural areas in 2 weeks.

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