I feel like we kicked ass today

The boys and I have had a pretty decent day.  Actually, I’m going to promote the day from decent to pretty darn good. Nothing particularly eventful took place but I’m really proud of my boys because they demonstrated a shitload of teamwork today.

Part of Gavin’s new bedset came in over the weekend. His actual mattress is coming early as well and will be here on Wednesday.

I wanted to get his old mattress, boxspring and frame out to the trash today. Someone will come and scrap the frame before morning.

Anyway, everyone helped haul things down to the first floor.

I took most of it out by myself because I live in a neighborhood full of covidiots and I need to be extra careful. I was able to get everything done without coming into contact with anyone but it was easier to manage this without having to keep track of the kids at the same time.

The boys and I had a cookout Sunday night and while I was doing some yard work before hand, there were people trying to approach me, while I was on my own property. I know of them but don’t actually know them. They are among the people completely ignoring the fact that we’re in a fucking pandemic and have been ignoring it all along.

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