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I’m not trying to be a dick by telling people to back off but back the fuck off. You’re not wearing a mask and not social distancing. Your stupidity will not get me or my kids sick. This is exactly why we don’t spend much time outside and it’s only getting worse.

Moving is very, very high on my priority list. At least when all this blows over.

The whole point is that we didn’t spend anytime outside today. It’s not a huge deal because it was upwards of 100°F and very humid.

After dinner, Emmett decided to put Gavin’s new bed platform together and he did so by himself. I’m quite proud of him.

We made smores on the gas range and then settled down for a bit before winding down for the night.

Gavin has decided to make a bed on his floor, instead of sleeping on the couch. He has some weird reasons for not using the couch but whatever makes him happy. I’ve learned enough over the years that sometimes it’s best to let him do his own thing, as long as it’s safe.

As for me, I’ve been keeping up with the dishes and laundry. I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true and I’m quite proud of myself.

I even think I might be looking at a treadmill in the next couple of weeks. That would be huge and I’m really, really hoping it works out. I need to get back at it and a treadmill is the only way that can happen right now.

I feel pretty good about today. We’re sorta getting our feet underneath us and making progress. I’m super stoked about that.

My hope is that I can end the day on a positive note by actually being able to fall asleep. I’ve been struggling in that area for a few days and I really need sleep.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

My wife just told me she saw on the news that some states that have opened are now seeing spikes in the corona virus when the numbers were going down because of social distancing. People were on crowded beaches and other areas for Memorial Day with hardly anyone wearing masks. It appears that emotion is overruling logic and common sense.


Glad to hear that you all had a good day. We stayed in, Bob is working on his truck, and he has to make some trips to hardware stores. He always wears a mask. I only go to drive thrus, such as pharmacies or even fast food. I’m not really strong enough to do a bunch of walking and shopping. I hope Covid-19 turns out to be less scary, but with all the horrible behavior everywhere I fear a big spike in a couple weeks. Stay safe, friends!