Helping my family stay connected during this trying time

Helping my family stay connected during this trying time

So I figured out a way to stay better connected with my family while on lockdown. We’ve tried Zoom and Hangouts but it was a bit clunky and frustrated the kids.

Last week I ordered a Facebook Portal Camera for our TV. I’m not a fan of Facebook and under different circumstances, I wouldn’t be doing this. That said, it’s proven to be really amazing for everyone.

The boys are able to use this with their mom to help them feel like they’re in the same room. They can play games, read stories and apparently, even watch movies together. We haven’t figured that part out just yet though.

The camera sits on top or in front of the TV

My hope was to help keep everyone connected in a way that was more rewarding.

My parents have the same camera for the exact same reason. They can sit in their chairs and have visits with their grandkids. It’s really been very positive.

Again, I don’t care much for Facebook but this is something that’s worked out well. When not in use, the camera has a cover and you can mute the microphone. It can always be unplugged when not in use as well.

I wanted to share because during this time of lockdown and isolation, we need to remain connected any way we can. Yes, I know many things are opening up but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think we are all going to be locked down again. Most people are ignoring the guidelines and while I completely support the protesters, I worry these large groups are going to rapidly spread the virus.

It’s easier to remain locked down because we’re used to it and it will much easier when it happens again in the coming weeks. We have to be locked down anyway because Gavin is immunocompromised but even if he wasn’t, I’d be very hesitant to venture out far from home.

I hope you’re finding ways to remain connected with friends and loved ones during this difficult time. I’m grateful to everyone who’s practicing social distancing and wearing masks. Please stay safe and to all my friends protesting to demand equality and an end to the systemic racism that plagues this country, you have my love, respect and support because Black Lives Matter. I wish I could be out there with you. Stay safe everyone.

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