I feel so much more human today  -

I feel so much more human today 

After taking care of a few things I needed to get done, I slept for most of the morning. I desperately needed a break and the sleep. Lizze is having a much better day today and I feel so much more human after my shut eye. 

I’m grateful for all the concern showed to both Lizze and I. We’re okay and she saw her psychiatrist yesterday. He removed a medication that she began last month because it was not helping, and likely behind her recent struggles. 

It’s important to remember that when I write I try to do so in real time as much as possible. This means that you’re reading what I’m thinking and experiencing in the moment. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of how I feel or what I do after having time to work through it. 

I feel it’s important to do things this way because it shows what I experience in real time and many people can read this and relate. 

I then try to make sure that I follow up with what I actually figure out after having time to process things. 

There’s a great many people who find comfort in this because they read what I think or feel and realize they aren’t alone. Not everyone will appreciate things the same way, and that’s okay. I just wanted to remind everyone why I do things this way. 

Again, thank you all so much for your support. I really do appreciate it and I’m working on better managing all the comments made. Thank you for your patience. 

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