We received more bad news today about our son

I’m keeping this super short because I feel sick to my stomach. I need to share that we received Gavin’s lab results back this evening, and unfortunately it’s not good news. 

Gavin’s numbers across the board have dropped since yesterday. His Neutrophil level has dropped from 2.8 last month, 2.0 yesterday, and 1.8 today. His actual WBC was 3.8 yesterday and today it was 3.2 (I’m pretty sure that what they said.)

After speaking with his doctor, Gavin will continue with the Clozapine for now, but needs blood work every single day. That’s got Gavin really stressed out, and I don’t blame him. I’m barely holding it together myself and it’s not actually happening to me. 

As I understand it, if or when he hits 1.5, we pull the plug on the Clozapine. Truthfully, a large part of me wants to do that right now. 

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I’m terrified what the lab results will be tomorrow.