I hate last minute schedule changes

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This afternoon has turned into a giant cluster fuck. It’s not a huge deal but it is stressful to have constant changes made to our schedule. 

We were getting ready to take Lizze to her appointment (she doesn’t drive) and I suddenly realized that Gavin’s IVIG infusion was still underway. He had too much time left and there was no way we could ask him tonfinish his infusion in the car. 

The only choice to cancel the first appointment and reschedule the second. 

I hate canceling or rescheduling at the last minute, but I goofed up in this one. I should have waited until this evening to do Gavin’s infusion. 

Regardless, it’s not a huge deal. Lizze is rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon and Gavin will finish his infusion in the comfort of his own bed.